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MLP - Military stuff

I have been using MSI Military Spec mainboards. For the tropics, something that can take high humidity and run in 30-40 deg. C. ambient temperature is a must. None of that cheap stuff designed for 20 C ambient and under 70% Relative Humidity.

Someone gave me a link to some other military stuff:

In my alternate world, I discover an M-class planet, and move me an my core Kaibatsu there to start a new cililization, but we need to build a space, land, and air marine (yeah, air marines, not air force -- and nothing for the sea) to fight against invading politicians from Earth who want to steal our joy and make us slaves to the Roman-UNITWAT-eXtermination-Matrices.

I just made that up. MIght work it into some short stories. Been very creative lately, although, not selling as strong as I need to, yet. Will work on getting more products out before April.

Since in April, O'Neil turns into a Yallow Turtle and eats all the Es and then the Evolution becomes volution of Martha rather than Mary walking on water.

That doesn't even make sense in my head, I'll go get something to eat, clearly I'm low on brain energy.

Since my last post, I have been working a lot more on my "budget management". As I predicted, I have still a scaricity of what I would need to do more videos, but as I did not anticipate, I really can't stomach YouTube anymore, since all of the changes. Also, I have found that writing for people can be, perhaps, even more enjoyable that sharing videos.

If I think about it, the things remember most are the conversations and friendships that arose from having similar hobbies, but different backgrounds and experience. The world seems wider, and more interesting, when you can talk calmly about things in that way, perhaps starting with just enthusiastically enjoying the same thing.

Anyhow, it seems LJ is mostly advertising of one sort of another now, so it is more like a newspaper than a community, and anticipating that decline, I experimented a bit and settled on actually being mostly offline... but I do want to wish ultra_butterfly and sjowall1452 happy belated birthday!

It seems like they don't update here anymore, but still, if you're alive and kicking, then that's one thing.

They are tons of sites now that either did not exist, or were not as useful, or I just wasn't aware of them, when I started my old youtube site. Some also have disappeared. I never uploading most of the videos I intended to, ironically, they are still stored on VHS tapes which may not be as well preserved as I might hope, but that is less of a priority, to me, than simply enjoying like, you know?

If you want to add me on facebook, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/kentaro.kandle (persona account) and if you want to check out my new (although very sparse) blog, which will likely become a consildation point, going forwards, but not before 2016 (knock on wood), then check that out too:https://bajan13k.wordpress.com/ .

I do think that it is good we can connect to people, and that livejournal still exists, even if it has shifted demographics and purpose. For someone looking to learn Russian, it might be an ideal platform, and over time I hope to consolidate and improve on the posts here and thus convert more of this experience into something that can help myself, and possibly others, to enjoy life more and gain from the time already spent here.

Certainly, it was a good place to speak of experiences and seek out people of similar interests. Going forwards, more geosocial groups to keep those interest going (like "hackerspaces", but not exclusive to them) may be beneficial both to professional hosts (firms) and customers/guests. Not sure where I fit into that, but I won't likely find it over these seas.



Budgeting and the true money of ancient wisdom of greatness

  1. Time

  2. Emotional energy

  3. Mental energy

  4. Physical capabiltiy

Those are four types of money. Cash is either compensation or flow of sales.
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Still alive and stuff

I have discovered that announcing things before I do them pretty much makes sure I will never get them done.

However, I am still alive, no worries.


MLP - favicons

I wanted to add an icon to a website, just for fun. The favicon info on W3C was useful, but, the wikipedia articles on Favicon and ICO were useful. Well, the latter was just nerd-sniping, not actually needed.

Little things but fun.

I have numbers to crunch, so I can monetize more of my talent as a firm... and thus be able to afford time and technique consuming hobbies again... but that will take a few weeks at best, so wish me luck until then.


Persona 4 - Finding Information on Kanji

So, I'm on my first new game plus playthru of Persona 4 of PS2. (As you can tell, I am not a follow-the-masses type of gamer who went out to spend $400 USD on a "next-gen" system, or even thought of getting a PlayStation 3 or XBOX360 when they were still new... although eventually I may get a PS3 and a Japanese PS2, even though they no longer make the latter... maybe I'll build a box dedicated to emulation instead, but anyhow, I digress).
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MLP - Astotzkan Anthem

This is a fan-made "anthem" for a fictional country, Astotzka, from Papers, Please (an indie game by Lucas Pope). Enjoy!

...Glory to Arstotzka!


Well, first of all, I don't think everyone has the same body. Some people are deadly allergic to some things that others can eat without any problem, and it seems at least theoretically possible that special states of mind, with or without supernatural help, can over-ride normal biological functions, at least for a short time, but certainly long enough to make a critical difference.

Well, anyhow, since they are different body types, they are likely different "optimal diets". Also, depending on what you want for your body. We might all want to be ready to be active, but that does not mean we all have to be world-class athletes.

Also, if you are recovering from any sort of illness, then that should be priority and diet should reflect those needs, rather than the needs of someone who needs more energy for motion than healing; that being said, we are not a body alone. Emotions, social context, environment (temperature, novelty, and other factors) all matter.

Anyhow, the MLP part:

There are a lot of articles there, a lot of them pro-fat, anti-carbs, so that is interesting.

MLP - Thinking for better self-control

Well, the actual title of the talk is something like Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation, and is a google talk about 45 minutes long, focusing on how "mindfulness exercises" work to improve mental function.

Although it takes until about 20 minutes in to get interesting. At that point it reminds me of the "integral consciousness" movement, although from what little I read about the latter, they may be just taking things in another direction which is too specific to be generally applicable. "In the midst of many words is great evil," but notice that I used that quote out of context, giving it another meaning from what was intended.

They are a lot more helpful videos on youtube and such, over time I hope to post more here... I won't promise to go as far as making my own, but, I do think that taking some time to learn more about how we can help ourselves is important; and I mean, help ourselves directly.
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