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Persona 4 - Finding Information on Kanji

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So, I'm on my first new game plus playthru of Persona 4 of PS2. (As you can tell, I am not a follow-the-masses type of gamer who went out to spend $400 USD on a "next-gen" system, or even thought of getting a PlayStation 3 or XBOX360 when they were still new... although eventually I may get a PS3 and a Japanese PS2, even though they no longer make the latter... maybe I'll build a box dedicated to emulation instead, but anyhow, I digress).
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MLP - Astotzkan Anthem

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This is a fan-made "anthem" for a fictional country, Astotzka, from Papers, Please (an indie game by Lucas Pope). Enjoy!

...Glory to Arstotzka!


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Well, first of all, I don't think everyone has the same body. Some people are deadly allergic to some things that others can eat without any problem, and it seems at least theoretically possible that special states of mind, with or without supernatural help, can over-ride normal biological functions, at least for a short time, but certainly long enough to make a critical difference.

Well, anyhow, since they are different body types, they are likely different "optimal diets". Also, depending on what you want for your body. We might all want to be ready to be active, but that does not mean we all have to be world-class athletes.

Also, if you are recovering from any sort of illness, then that should be priority and diet should reflect those needs, rather than the needs of someone who needs more energy for motion than healing; that being said, we are not a body alone. Emotions, social context, environment (temperature, novelty, and other factors) all matter.

Anyhow, the MLP part:

There are a lot of articles there, a lot of them pro-fat, anti-carbs, so that is interesting.

MLP - Thinking for better self-control

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Well, the actual title of the talk is something like Cognitive Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation, and is a google talk about 45 minutes long, focusing on how "mindfulness exercises" work to improve mental function.

Although it takes until about 20 minutes in to get interesting. At that point it reminds me of the "integral consciousness" movement, although from what little I read about the latter, they may be just taking things in another direction which is too specific to be generally applicable. "In the midst of many words is great evil," but notice that I used that quote out of context, giving it another meaning from what was intended.

They are a lot more helpful videos on youtube and such, over time I hope to post more here... I won't promise to go as far as making my own, but, I do think that taking some time to learn more about how we can help ourselves is important; and I mean, help ourselves directly.
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Today was good... and low-key....

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A lot of important things happened today, but all personal and low-key.

I'll tell you part of it: I went for a walk, and ended up going much further than I had planned.... in fact it took me hours just to decide to go for the walk, I was at first thinking of short walks but didn't really want to feel trapped in a small area, each path seemed boring, and unlike in Deva Yuga, I wasn't willing to do that in real life.

Real life is really amazing when we work with an enlightened perspective.

Well, that is all for now... inspire, but don't expire.


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I... just spent... eight hours (with a few breaks) in Deva Yuga.

It was so, so, so tedious.

My brain hurts.


The Video Dead

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Remind me to properly review The Video Dead something, give it 9/10
(-1 for low budget? nah, for the length scene in the woods that was sorta boring),

and also to recommend to world + dog.


C++ is not "slower due to more features"

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Some people, who are vocal and clearly hard-headed,
suggest that C++ is inherently slower,
because it "has more features".

Anyone who understands what a compiler does knows this is silly,
but in order to explain why without insulting anyone,
and even guide you into efficient (i.e. high performance) C++ code,
some nice guy wrote an article called C versus C++, or something like that,
so I link to it now: C versus C++. Go read an understand.

Then play with gcc yourself, build some test programs and time them.

That saved me a lot of effort, because I hate to see things "wrong on the Internet",
and it is a pleasant surprise nowadays when I run across actually intelligence
in this world wide wake web of ours.