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Persona 4 - Finding Information on Kanji

So, I'm on my first new game plus playthru of Persona 4 of PS2. (As you can tell, I am not a follow-the-masses type of gamer who went out to spend $400 USD on a "next-gen" system, or even thought of getting a PlayStation 3 or XBOX360 when they were still new... although eventually I may get a PS3 and a Japanese PS2, even though they no longer make the latter... maybe I'll build a box dedicated to emulation instead, but anyhow, I digress).

The first time thru, I had almost no trouble with the game. I didn't use a walkthru, so I missed the "true ending", but even though I have restarted the story with the clear save (the "New Game Plus" as some call it), I haven't decided to do a max social playthru or anything like that here, either... I am just playing for fun, which might sound novel for an LPer but really, I can't make it as a professional LPer -- right now I can't even make videos -- so I will just do what I enjoy and there is no schedule, no pressure, and no goal. If the experience is not intrinsically interesting then I don't want it.

Anyhow, I never had any major problems the first time thru, but this time, I totally couldn't figure out how to get info about Kanji. It is as if my familiarity with the gameworld somehow made me LESS observant than before. Well, perhaps I was just distracted by a lot of noise in my mind also.

So I had to do a bit of searching and I realized that it really is sorta specific what you have to do:

1. talk to the "young man" standing by the elevator in Junes. He is only there on tuesdays, thursdays, and Saturdays, though!
2. after that, talk to Kanji's mom by the textile store (North Shopping area, near to the Shrine). She only appears after you do #1, though, and iirc, on the day afterwards, not the same day, and not ever day, either. So if you talk to the young man on Thursday, you have to wait 'til Friday for her to show up.
3. Go back to Junes and talk to the "young man" again. He (if you've played it before, you will recognize the character) will reveal some vital clues, thus allowing you to immediately go into the TV world (until then, you could not!).

As a result of not knowing, I might have a rougher time of it to beat the boss/save Kanji now, since it is ... 6/3, I think.. June 3rd, the last day I actually have to save Kanji from the "TV World".

The moral of the story, I guess, is that you can be good at something because of your ignorance, and bad at it because of your familiarity and, thus, relaxing your mind a bit too much.

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