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Happy Birthday and ... is anyone home, here?

Since my last post, I have been working a lot more on my "budget management". As I predicted, I have still a scaricity of what I would need to do more videos, but as I did not anticipate, I really can't stomach YouTube anymore, since all of the changes. Also, I have found that writing for people can be, perhaps, even more enjoyable that sharing videos.

If I think about it, the things remember most are the conversations and friendships that arose from having similar hobbies, but different backgrounds and experience. The world seems wider, and more interesting, when you can talk calmly about things in that way, perhaps starting with just enthusiastically enjoying the same thing.

Anyhow, it seems LJ is mostly advertising of one sort of another now, so it is more like a newspaper than a community, and anticipating that decline, I experimented a bit and settled on actually being mostly offline... but I do want to wish ultra_butterfly and sjowall1452 happy belated birthday!

It seems like they don't update here anymore, but still, if you're alive and kicking, then that's one thing.

They are tons of sites now that either did not exist, or were not as useful, or I just wasn't aware of them, when I started my old youtube site. Some also have disappeared. I never uploading most of the videos I intended to, ironically, they are still stored on VHS tapes which may not be as well preserved as I might hope, but that is less of a priority, to me, than simply enjoying like, you know?

If you want to add me on facebook, here is the link: (persona account) and if you want to check out my new (although very sparse) blog, which will likely become a consildation point, going forwards, but not before 2016 (knock on wood), then check that out too: .

I do think that it is good we can connect to people, and that livejournal still exists, even if it has shifted demographics and purpose. For someone looking to learn Russian, it might be an ideal platform, and over time I hope to consolidate and improve on the posts here and thus convert more of this experience into something that can help myself, and possibly others, to enjoy life more and gain from the time already spent here.

Certainly, it was a good place to speak of experiences and seek out people of similar interests. Going forwards, more geosocial groups to keep those interest going (like "hackerspaces", but not exclusive to them) may be beneficial both to professional hosts (firms) and customers/guests. Not sure where I fit into that, but I won't likely find it over these seas.
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