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MLP - Military stuff

I have been using MSI Military Spec mainboards. For the tropics, something that can take high humidity and run in 30-40 deg. C. ambient temperature is a must. None of that cheap stuff designed for 20 C ambient and under 70% Relative Humidity.

Someone gave me a link to some other military stuff:

In my alternate world, I discover an M-class planet, and move me an my core Kaibatsu there to start a new cililization, but we need to build a space, land, and air marine (yeah, air marines, not air force -- and nothing for the sea) to fight against invading politicians from Earth who want to steal our joy and make us slaves to the Roman-UNITWAT-eXtermination-Matrices.

I just made that up. MIght work it into some short stories. Been very creative lately, although, not selling as strong as I need to, yet. Will work on getting more products out before April.

Since in April, O'Neil turns into a Yallow Turtle and eats all the Es and then the Evolution becomes volution of Martha rather than Mary walking on water.

That doesn't even make sense in my head, I'll go get something to eat, clearly I'm low on brain energy.

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