Kentaro "Bajan13K" Kandle (bajan13k) wrote,
Kentaro "Bajan13K" Kandle

TODO list

  1. Install blender on Linux Mint based Tower box

  2. Install Pygame (for Python 2.7) on Linux Mint (should all be 64-bit)

  3. Install CUDA-ready NVIDIA cards int Linux Tower and;

  4. Install CUDA-ready or XFX card in Nx box with Win7;

  5. re-install Win7 on box abvoe (#4)

  6. right-grade laptop N6 to Win7

  7. get NAS with 4-6 laptop (2.5") HHDs

  8. call L. about NAS

  9. offload pix from phone, camera, backup phone

  10. get new battery for backup phone

  11. sell or gift away backup phone, acquire tablet with SIM or DL xxx replacement

  12. Penpal stuff (review and get xmas postcards, at least, out)

Tags: list, todo

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