Kentaro "Bajan13K" Kandle (bajan13k) wrote,
Kentaro "Bajan13K" Kandle

TODO list update

  1. Watch this intro/LP to Stella Glow:

  2. Get a DS rig and play/LP games like Devil Suvivor, Soul Hackers, Stella Glow....

  3. Upload the edits to the wordpress blog (

DID already:

  1. From the last list, installed the card on the Linux box. Using it now, and testing stuff like glxgears on it whilst also "narrow-casting". So Go Team!

  2. Also cleared off my physical desktop. The declutter in the outer office space has helped to declutter my mind, also. So much happier.

  3. Took several naps. More fun than a house-cat!

  4. Watched ep. 3,4,5 of Season 9 of the (new) Doctor Who, finally! Not sure how far behind I still am but they were great episodes. The two-parter, ep. 3-4, was especially great! And I wonder if ep. 6 will continue the story in ep. 5.... 

  5. Played some of Persona 4, as I haven't gotten the Great ending yet. over 160 hours in, and I'll New Game+ after it....

  6. Checked on local prices for capture cards to record the PS2... should be able to afford it soon.

  7. Checked out paypal, should be able to set it up soon for donations, shareware, and sales receipts. Yah -- capitalism, ho!

  8. Made some headway into at least two of teh (dead tree) books on my booklist.

  9. Caught up to online course (Python related), should finish another module before Hump of next week, at this rate.

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